• Tracy’s Story

    Here is the link to my blog and my story. I have just recently joined forces with the Melanoma Research Alliance and I am excited to begin fundraising and raising awareness. https://polkadotmama.wordpress.com/2014/12/17/melanoma-x-3/ Thank you!

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  • Paula’s Story

    In 2007, five months after I got married I had made an appointment for my annual skin screening. A couple of suspicious looking moles were removed & a week later I received a phone call stating the one removed from my lower leg came back Melanoma in-situ & I needed to come back in to […]

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  • katie-blog

    Katie’s Story

    This is the story of: Katie Hi! My name is Katie. I am 24 years old and I am a stage 3A Melanoma Warrior! I had a mole on my left thigh for as long as I can remember. It was never something I really worried about, but I kept an eye on it because […]

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  • kerry-blog

    Kerry’s Story

    This is the story of Kerry, submitted by his wife Mia. In 1998, my husband, Kerry, discovered a small new bump over his ear, which the doctor assured him was a cyst. Months later, when the growth became larger, Kerry had it removed and only then learned that he had melanoma. Stage IV. Kerry had […]

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  • bill-blog

    Bill’s Story

    This is the story of: Bill, submitted by his daughter Megan. A few days after Christmas 2010, my father, Bill noticed what he thought was an insect bite on the side of his neck. Living in sub-tropical Queensland, this was nothing unusual. When it was still there a couple of weeks later, he saw his […]

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  • lorie-blog

    Lorie’s Story

    This is the story of: Lorie Posey Age 40 Diagnosed stage 3 on November 3, 2010 Diagnosed stage 4 on November 10, 2011 Beginning at the age of 13, I had “weird” moles. I had one removed from my back that was benign. When I was around 25, I had a mole on my lower […]

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  • lynn-blog

    Lynn’s Story

    This is the story of: Lynn Luckeroth My melanoma started on my neck originally and was found in 1991- It appeared like a oblong flat freckle about 1 inch long.I had it removed along with every mole on my body. It returned in same place about 4 years later, this time looking like a dark […]

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  • nathan-blog

    Nathan’s Story

    This is the story of: Nathan Jones Hi all. My name is Nathan Jones an educator from Melbourne, Australia, a husband and a father to three gorgeous girls. My story begins in March 2012. I am an eager fitness fanatic and cyclist who has raced regularly on the criterium circuit and triathlon scene. I have […]

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  • bennie-blog

    Bennie’s Story

    The story of my husband: Bennie Lunsford The melanoma journey began 8 years ago for us. We were newlyweds, and married for 4 months when the mole on his upper arm began to bleed. I made an appointment with the dermatologist, and it ended up being superficial spreading melanoma… only about .9 mm thick… but […]

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  • richard-blog

    Richard’s Story

    This is the story about my husband: Richard Richard turned 50 in January and has been battling Melanoma for over 2 years. Richard is a physician and has been in practice in Florida as a primary care physician since 1994. In August 2011 we were on vacation in Jamaica and Rick noticed a dark area […]

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